Becoming a member of CAPAHC is the best way to help us!

By becoming a member of CAPAHC you state that the fight against hepatitis C is an important cause for you, you support our work and you allow us to continue to grow and carry out new activities.

We have 2 categories of membership that you can join, our active members and supporting members. Both categories give you the right to vote at our Annual General Assembly.

Active Members: Anyone living with HCV and/or HIV, anyone who has participated in our training and/or educational workshops

Supporting Members: Anyone who is a caregiver for a family member or friend living with HCV and/or HIV, or anyone who would like to subscribe to the newsletter and access exclusive educational resources.

The pros of becoming a member :

  • The opportunity to have a seat on the board of directors
  • Participation and voting rights at the annual general assembly
  • Free participation to our symposiums or other events
  • Subscribe to the quarterly newsletter

Membership is free, and it will stay free! 


If you share the values of our mission and our cause is important to you

If you want to take part in a democratic process and make your voice heard

Whether you have skills, talents to share or just a desire to add your efforts to ours

If you would like to get involved on the directions and management of the fight to eliminate Hepatitis C

If you would like to volunteer and help us in our actions

We would be happy to count you among us!

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