Hepatitis C Treatments, 2 new products

Here are two new medicines that have just been approved by Health Canada on August 17th and offer more therapeutic options for treating physicians, depending on the specific case of each patient.

Maviret, the first pangenotypic treatment, offering the shortest treatment time on the market, ie 8 weeks for patients who have never had any previous treatment and not cirrhotic, with a success rate of 97%.
Importantly, Maviret is suitable for people who are more difficult to treat, such as genotype 3 patients, compensated cirrhosis patients and especially patients with severe renal problems (12 to 16 weeks of treatment, depending on the case).
MAVIRET (MC) article

The Vosevi, “Retreatment of the Last Chance” which will be offered to patients in treatment failure. Covers all genotypes, duration of treatment of 12 weeks, and a success rate oscillating between 96 and 98% according to the profile of the patient.
VOSEVI (MC) article