Hep C: Expanded treatment access in Quebec

Good news for hepatitis C patients in Quebec:

• All patients with chronic hepatitis C, genotype 1 and fibrosis stage F2-F4 will have access to Harvoni and Holkira Pak from March 24, 2016.

• All gentotype 1 patients with fibrosis stage F1 and with one poor prognostic factor will also now have access as of March 24th.

Poor prognosis factor are:
• Serious extra-hepatic manifestations (cryoglobulinemia type 2 or 3 with organ damage, vasculitis, B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, nephropathy)
• Co-Infection (HIV, HBV)
• Another liver disease (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis),
• Type 2 diabetes
• Late-stage cutaneous porphyria

Patients F3/F4 already have access to these new drugs since July 24, 2015.

This expanded access comes from the INESSS recommendations to reimburse Harvoni and Holkira Pak according to a sequential approach over 6 years, with specific conditions, to ensure that citizens have reasonable and equitable access to healthcare.

We are very happy for all the concerned patients. See the new prescription drug settlement.

Laurence Mersilian for Capahc