Aagahi Project

Aagahi (“Awakening” in Urdu) Project is the result of a partnership with McGill and the Jewish General Hospital.

This project focuses on the pakistani community, Pakistan being the second country worldwide for Hepatitis C prevalence with around 8,6 millions (or 4,8%) of its population suffering from this disease. Pakistan is also the fifth country of origin for recent immigration in Canada. Our range of actions can be divided in three main parts :

  • Raising awareness with information booths and educational workshops we bring at different locations and events, which are free and offered in English and Urdu
  • Offering Hepatitis C tests that are free, confidential and secure with a registered nurse and with results in 20 minutes
  • Enhance access to care by provinding counseling in English, French and Urdu and if people tested positive, giving them confirmatory blood test and treatment with a doctor

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For more informations : marjolaine.coordo@capahc.com

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Tools and publications

Aagahi, the leafet
A leafet to introduce the project, also to leave as a “business card” to partners or people that might need it.


Aagahi, the poster
This poster has a white band to announce our workshops, informations booths or HCV tests.


Aagahi, the Urdu advertisement
This is a simplified version of the poster translated in Urdu, useful for the web or other types of communications. Here it is in a high resolution format but feel free to contact us for lighter formats.


CTAC: Not just in Pakistan, Hepatitis C is a global disease
This English booklet of 16 pages is quite informative and was done by the Canadian Treatment Action Council www.ctac.ca


CATIE : Hepatitis C Workshop for immigrants, Urdu
This the Urdu PDF version of the workshop for immigrants from our Ontario friends of the Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) www.catie.ca