La référence en hépatite C au Québec depuis 2003

Formations Etiam

We’re part of an alliance with the Portail VIH/SIDA du Québec and ASTTEQ for Cactus Montréal in offering free formations all over Quebec for different organizations. We generally move to your location. Here is the list of present formations (January 20, 2020):

  • HCV 101 (in-depth formation for professionals), French, CAPAHC;
  • Target-Audience STBBI (overview of all STBBI for professionals), French, CAPAHC;
  • Educative workshop STBBI (workshop on STBBI for persons that are at risk), French, CAPAHC;
  • Educative workshop HCV (workshop on HCV for persons that are at risk), English & French, CAPAHC;
  • Our partners also offer different formations on workshops on HIV, Herpes and Trans people, many of which are offered in English too. Contact us for more informations!

Other formations

In addition to Etiam formations, we also offer different types of formations and workshops as needed on different subjects relating to Hepatitis and sexually-transmitted or blood-borne infections (STBBI). We also occasionally do conferences.

Here are exemples of formations and workshops we did :

  • HCV 101 for people working in organizations for 50 years old and older;
  • Educative workshop for 50 years old and older (available in English);
  • Presentations of our projects or the Blueprint for elimination of HCV in Canada;
  • Herpes 101 formations;
  • We can also create custom formations, workshops, presentations or conferences, depending of your organization and the subjects you want to focus on or your context. Don’t hesitate to contact us about it!